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First Class Service

The convenience of chartered air travel is significant. The customer determines when the plane will depart, from an airport of their choosing. In flight meals and beverages are available.Corporate Air has access to considerably more airports than commercial airlines, especially when you include suburbs and smaller cities. If ground transportation or lodging is needed, Corporate air will make those arrangements. Our pilots will also be standing by to make the return flight at the customer's convenience. There are no long lines, no unnecessary delays - and no lost luggage! Our personalized service can include in-flight lunches, customized beverage selections and deluxe refreshments. Trips are tailored to each individual's needs and preferences.

Economic Sense

 There are cost advantages to chartering air travel as well. Because the rates are based on hourly rather than seating multiple passengers can travel as cheaply as one. And because the plane will make the return flight at the customer's discretion, there is often no need for the expense of an overnight stay. We also offer a discount for companies that book quantity flights as well as fractional ownership. See our Aircraft page for more information on possibilities for aircraft ownership, or contact us for more information.

Experienced Pilots

All of our pilots hold an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating and attend regular simulator based formal training. At Corporate Air, our pilots meet and in most cases exceed all the training and experience requirements necessary to comply with the FAA's reguations for Air Charter (FAR-135) operators. We have achieved over 50 years of combined piloting and management experience, providing these services since 1975 in the Fort Wayne area.

Corporate Air Inc. acts as an agent when arranging charter travel for our customers. Corporate Air Inc. will only use FAA - certificated and DOT- registered air carriers when acting as your agent.